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With over 7000 years of civilisation, more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline and an area of over 8000 sq. kms and a landscape  which is so diverse, that the scenery changes completely  every few kilometres, Crete offers a variety of things to do, from simply lying on the beach and enjoying the sun and sea, to intermediate activities like para-sailing or taking a jeep safari, to extreme sports like bungee jumping and paragliding. Not to mention the night-life with countless tavernas, clubs and bars, both modern and traditional, but all in the Cretan spirit of friendliness and hospitality.



    Anissaras is located on the north coast of Crete, 18 km east of Heraklion. Although it’s officially a western suburb of Hersonissos, in reality Anissaras is almost cut off from the main town. In recent years, due to its proximity to Hersonissos, tourist development has been quite heavy. Nevertheless Anissaras has retained its beauty and tranquillity. A long sandy beach extends many kilometres on either side and only a few kilometres to the south you will find the picturesque villages of Koutouloufari and Piskopiano.

    In and around Anissaras there is plenty to do and see. Apart for the obvious bathing and relaxing on the beach which is literally two steps away, there is also a water-sports centre where they offer Jet Ski, Parasailing and Crazy Banana rides for all who love water sports.

    In Anissaras there is a horse riding centre, where horse lovers can ride horses and explore the area. It is not only for experienced riders, but also for people who have never been on a horse before, and riding lessons are available for children.

    The area is also ideal for hiking and the Aposelemi gorge which is ideal for this, is located just five kilometres away. The gorge’s total length is approximately 7 kilometres and has 150 metres altitude difference from the entrance to the end. It is considered an easy gorge to walk, although sport shoes or hiking boots are required as there is a lot of rock climbing. Organised hiking excursions are available for those who don’t want to discover the area on their own.

     For those who like adventure, but don’t like walking, Jeep-Safaris are also available. These safaris are for those who want to discover a different side of Crete and safaris are organised, not only for the surrounding area, but also for other areas of the island.

    Scuba diving centres are also located in Anissaras. Here you can take diving lessons to obtain the PADI diving certificate or go on one of the diving trips that are available.

    In Hersonissos the brave and daring can go bungee jumping while those who don’t like such adrenaline rushes, can do shopping or play some miniature golf. For the real golf pros; the Cretan-Golf-Course, the only golf course on the island is located just four kilometres to the South of Anissaras.

    Also the Cretan folklore museum "Lichnostatis" is located in Hersonissos. It shows a number of traditional and local exhibits and is an ideal place for receptions, inspired by the history of the island.

    Other activities offered in the surrounding area are paragliding in Avdou (7km south of Anissaras) and mountain biking.

    From Anissaras one can also visit the Lassithi plateau with its numerous traditional villages and on the way there, the famous monastery of "Kera". Also on the plateau is the famous cave "Diktion Antron", a famous sanctuary in ancient times, which according to Greek mythology, is the cave where Zeus was born.

    One should not forget of course, the aquarium of Crete, "CretaAquarium" which is located in the "thalasokosmos" complex, situated in Gouves and is the largest marine research, technology and entertainment centre in the Mediterranean. This is the largest aquarium in the eastern Mediterranean and was officially opened in 2005. For many of its visitors a unique experience, a trip to the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and its creatures.

    Finally for those who love water parks, the largest water amusement park on the island AquaPlus is located just a few minutes away. Here you are guaranteed to have a great day playing in the numerous pools and slides.





    There are many places for you to visit, both near and far. Already we have mentioned a few on the Anissaras page of the web site. Now we will mention a few other places of interest, so that you stay at Mike’s will be even more enjoyable.



     For History Lovers


    The palace and surrounding city of Knossos, which is on the southern outskirts of Heraklion and the archaeological museum of Heraklion, are an excellent start. Knossos, which was built over 4,000 years ago, was the palace of the legendary king Minos, the excavated part of which, covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is considered to be one of the most important museums in Greece. Here you will see some of the many important artefacts of the Minoan civilization which is considered the cradle of western European culture.



    For the Nature lovers


    Crete has unlimited options to suit every taste. There are beautiful paths for those who love hiking. Roads with exceptional natural beauty for those who would prefer to travel by car or motorbike. The views on the Mountains and in the Gorges will take your breath away. And of course, the countless beaches, large and small, with both easy access secluded which can only be reached by water or foot.



    The Gorges of Crete


    Samaria George, which is one of the longest and most famous in Europe. Its fame is due to the exceptional beauty of the scenery. This gorge starts high up in the Leuka Ori “White Mountains” of Hania and ends 17 km farther just outside the seaside village of Agia Roumeli. Every year tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world walk this gorge. In 2003 a Samaria was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site


    West of the gorge of Samaria runs Tripiti gorge, this gorge is about as long, but is almost unknown as very few people walk it as access to it isn't as easy.


    The Aradaina gorge. This starts at the abandoned village of  Aradena and ends at the beautiful beach of Marmara, Loutro. This is a really impressive gorge. At the beginning of the gorge there is a very high bridge (138 meters), and is the second highest bridge in Europe where bungee jumping is performed. Although this gorge is only 7 km, it is considered a medium difficulty gorge and appropriate footwear is required.


    The Imbros gorge from Impros village to Komitades village, near Sfakia. Although an easy gorge, it is nonetheless, very beautiful and impressive.


    All the above gorges are in the western part of Crete. In the prefecture of Rethymno there are smaller but equally impressive gorges.


    The Kourtaliotiko gorge, where through it, flows a river which unlike most rivers on the island, in summer, still has water in many parts. The last few hundred meters, where the river  meets the sea there are palm-trees on either side of the river. Most people prefer to ascend from the beach, following the stream, as there is always the opportunity of a refreshing swim in the small pools formed by the river.


    The Patsos gorge, another swimming & trekking experience and is located about 3 hrs from Patsos village south of Rethymno. Finally in the Heraklion region, there is a very impressive gorge called Tripiti (same as tripiti in Hania). This is located near the south coast of Heraklion and is easily accessible with a jeep or motorbike. Although a very small gorge it is truly impressive and at it end there are several beautiful beaches which are not overcrowded with people.

    For Those Who Love Walking,

    Apart for the above mentioned gorges, there are countless paths for trekking and hiking. The European Long Distance Walking Path E4 extends to Crete, so for those who love hiking/trekking, the E4 runs through the entire length of the island, so no matter which part of the island you are on, there is easy access to a route on E4 near you.


    The Caves


    Those interested in caves will be thrilled to know that there are many and impressive caves on the island. Here is a very brief description of the three most important.


    The cave of Sfentoni Zoniana. This is Crete’s most beautiful and preserved cave. It is located in the mountains of Rethymno about 1 km. from the village of Zoniana. Although much larger, the length of the touring path of the visitors is about 270 m.


    Dikteon Andron and Ideon Andron, the first located on the Lasithi plateau 20 km south of Anissaras and the latter on the Nida plateau, 35 km from Heraklion. Both these caves claim to be the birthplace of Zeus, the father of the gods. The reason for this is that the ancient Greek poet Hesiod in his book Theogony (the genealogy or birth of the gods), does not clearly specify which of the two caves was the true birthplace of Zeus. None the less, from 4000 bc, both caves were major sanctuaries and centres of worship, famous throughout the ancient world and remained so until well into early Christian times.

    Finally and probably most important to those visiting the island, are its beaches. The beaches on Crete are countless and are suit every taste, from tiny secluded little beaches to well organized ones that facilitate with water-sports, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. None will be mentioned specifically, as it would take pages and pages, just to name even only the most important. The discovery of beaches will be left to you and your adventurous spirits



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